Saturday, January 16, 2010

Extreme Sports

I needed a birthday card yesterday for a special little man and I found this card on Jayne Mercer's blog which was originally inspired by Michelle Zindoff. I havn't had my brayer out in probably over 12 months so I dusted it off and pulled it out. This is something that I want to play more with this year because I love the look that you can achieve and also because it is so individual each time you do it, you can get a bit different effect. Well I do anyway, lol...., maybe it's just me.....Now I do have to apologise for the photo because it has gone all grainey and the yellow hasn't shown up at all. I tried to photoshop it to make it look better but all to no avail.... I would photograph it again but I have already given it away..... Will be back with some of my projects we made last nite at class.


Everything Powersports - U.S. Rental Directory said...

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Leigh said...

Fabulous card Mandy.

Debbie Pamment said...

I love Michelle Zindorf's style too - but have yet to master my brayer! This is fabulous Mandy!

Andrea said...

Wow! Very clever!

Karen said...

Awesome card Mandy! I was umming and ahhing too long about this et and now they've sold out at the bargain price! That'll teach me! lol

Your card is awesome!