Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More fun with Scrapbooking

Ok part 2 to Monday's Scrapbooking effort's. I found the layout over at Pagemaps. I just carn't seem to get the sketch to show up on here for some reason. But I have followed it pretty closely it was heaps of fun. These are some pictures of the kids with their pet lamb last year whom they did everything with. Here they were trying to sleep with her. I need to get my friend to email me her scrapbooking pages to show you as well because she completed the same sketch as me. It is very interesting to see how two different people can interpret the same sketch. Ok another day has passed and still no convention swaps maybe today!!!!! I have a workshop to prep for on the weekend that I need to also get organised also, however I feel like scrapbooking today, when you are in that zone thats all that you want to do. Have a great day wherever you are! Especially if you are at work!!!!

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Jean said...

Mandy,gosh you are a good girl for catching up with some scrapbooking! My photos keep piling up. Lovely memories of the kids with the lamb for you. I always had poddy lambs, calves and goats when I was a kid - just loved them. Your pages look great!