Friday, January 9, 2009

Calendar Page

Today I thought I would show you January's Calendar Page that I have made as this year's calendar. Hopefully, if I remember I will show you each month's page. Although I must admit it is a still a work in progress I have up until June completed so I only have six months to I have good intentions of starting next years calendar lots earlier this year so I might have the twelve months done by the end of the year! Most of these products that I have used were in the old Spring Mini but hopefully we might see some of them flow through to the new catty! I havn't been creating heaps at the moment because we have been shearing. I have taken some cute photo's of the kids in the wool. They love this time of year and we have a new puppy which they love even more. I have been working in the shed so of a night when I do most of my creating I have been sleeping instead!!!!


Robyn said...

Your kids are so cute!!

Ryemilan said...

Hi Mandy. Love your is so cute.

I really like your wool shed pics too! Looks like a fun place to play with a new puppy (in a pile of fresh-shorn wool that is).

Best wishes,